Shannon is the type of coach who is incredibly dedicated to his clients and his client’s success. When you work with Shannon he is fully in your corner, and you can count on him to encourage you as you expand into the spaces that feel big, scary, and like a huge stretch.

Shannon and I did a 5 month intensive, and with his encouragement and guidance I was able to successfully double my rates in a way that actually helped my clients get better results and helped me work way less. He helped me create a brand new way of working with my clients, that to this day is still my signature offering and most valuable program. Most importantly Shannon works with you where you’re at. Never once did I feel pressure to be “bigger” than I was, or take something on that wasn’t right for me. Shannon treats is his clients like family. Providing a generosity and trust few coaches can achieve.

If you’re considering hiring Shannon because you want to expand yourself and do some of the things you deep down know are right for you but you’re terrified of… work with him. He’ll not only support you in setting up your business in a sustainable, smart way… he’ll help YOU expand courageously into who you are on a soul level. And that’s priceless.
Rebecca Niziol Founder Work with Soul