I offer a variety of transformational coaching services for individuals and organizations. These programs are specifically designed to create the most rapid and sustainable shifts. All of my work has an in person component to it because nothing is more powerful than two or more people being in the same space at the same time stretching beyond their limits. I work with the majority of my clients for at least twelve to thirty-six months.

There is nothing better to me than working with clients on changing the world by doing the impossible. It is when we transcend our limits and dive into the unknown that we create identities and solutions that have the most universe denting power.

It has been my great privilege to personally coach some truly amazing people. I’ve worked with CEOs of multi-million dollar corporations and nonprofit corporations. I work visionary leaders who see a world that is brighter and bolder than it currently is and have the courage to see it into reality.

If experiencing the absolute most clear and powerful version of yourself is a must than hire me and together we will exceed both of our wildest expectations.

If you are interested in working together, please e-mail:

  • Legacy: $150,000
    One year one-on-one intensive coaching.
  • The Expanded Leader: $15,000
    A transformational immersive weekend.
  • Keynote speaking fee: $15,000
  • Corporate workshops/training: $30,000 +