There are no words to express my depth of gratitude to Shannon.

But I’ll try anyway. The least important thing Shannon did for me was to show me a clear path to quadruple my income then walk with me each step of the way until we were celebrating the milestone together. More importantly, Shannon helped me avoid the future where I would be filled with regret. Because of his leadership – for the first time in my life I feel I’m fulfilling my potential as a visionary leader. I’m also a way better husband and dad and my whole family has benefitted from the version upgrade in me. Today having already helped many of the hi-tech CEOs I coach to change the world for the better – I’ve just embarked on a huge project to re-invent venture capitalism worldwide. This is something that would have been utterly beyond reach without Shannon instilling in me both the competence and confidence to lead a movement. Because of the magic, role-modelling and quantum field distortion Shannon and I worked on together – this doesn’t feel doubtful and overwhelming, it feels fun and inevitable. My decision to work with Shannon has turned out to be the difference between probably dying with my dreams inside me versus waking up every day into my dream.

Rebecca – Shannon is the type of coach who is incredibly dedicated to his clients and his client’s success. When you work with Shannon he is fully in your corner, and you can count on him to encourage you as you expand into the spaces that feel big, scary, and like a huge stretch.

Shannon and I did a 5 month intensive, and with his encouragement and guidance I was able to successfully double my rates in a way that actually helped my clients get better results and helped me work way less. He helped me create a brand new way of working with my clients, that to this day is still my signature offering and most valuable program. Most importantly Shannon works with you where you’re at. Never once did I feel pressure to be “bigger” than I was, or take something on that wasn’t right for me. Shannon treat is his clients like family. Providing a generosity and trust few coaches can achieve.

If you’re considering hiring Shannon because you want to expand yourself and do some of the things you deep down know are right for you but you’re terrified of… work with him. He’ll not only support you in setting up your business in a sustainable, smart way… he’ll help YOU expand courageously into who you are on a soul level. And that’s priceless.
Daniel Batten Founder Beyond the Ceiling