I have no words that can accurately describe my work with Shannon Graham. Shannon chose to take me on as a client a few years back and all I can say as my business has grown tenfold in the time that we’ve worked together, I’ve made hundreds of thousands of dollars in the time that I’ve worked with and known Shannon Graham. He is a game changer. Shannon’s work is the best that I’ve ever seen in high performance in terms of mindset, but also in terms of practices, routines, rituals, to get myself into a place of being able to be unstoppable on the phone with clients and with new p clients. Shannon helped me truly build the belief within myself. I’ll never forget some of his words when we first worked together he said “Borrow my belief in you while you’re building your own.” d I couldn’t be more grateful for our time. Shannon has not only helped me grow my business but has also helped me by inspiring me to also improve and grow my body and my relationships and my overall health as a human being on this planet. So what I think makes Shannon so different from any other coach is that Shannon, it really takes care of his clients.

And is not just looking to help them grow their bottom line, but ultimately to help them be better humans for the planet and for their clients. And Shannon has been the most supportive and there for me client, a coach that I’ve ever had.

If you’re on the fence about working with Shannon, I would say ¬†jump in. I would say have a conversation with Shannon and it will totally rock your world. I can guarantee that Shannon will blow you away.

I’ve seen his client’s names even written on his whiteboard so that he can think about them and brainstorm how to improve their lives while they’re not even on coaching calls with him.

Matthew Cooke Founder Supreme Performance Academy