“I decided to pull the trigger on doing some work with Shannon in December of 2017.

I was feeling my most confident and I had some momentum behind me, which gave me the courage to do so. It was a fantastic decision. The work I did with Shannon created substantial change and set a new benchmark for my own personal leadership and standards. I brought a new expectation of what I would hit inside of my business and life back into my world, and a few months later I’ve hit multiple 6 figures, landed my biggest deal ever and feel on track to massively grow that in the next 12 months. That’s probably not the biggest impact from the work I did with Shannon. The biggest impact, in my opinion, has been the WAY in which I do business and life. Prior to working with Shannon, I didn’t really buy into the whole ‘balance’/’have a life’ concept. Life was a fight, business was a battle, and ‘having a life’ was for people that were not entrepreneurs with a mission as big as mine. I was wrong. Today, I work less, spend a lot more time with people that I love to spend time with (which I now realise is my number one source of happiness), travel more, have a shit load more fun and yet I’ve still more than doubled, actually more like tripled my business. Shannon is a role model and someone that I look up to when it comes to setting the standards for growth, leadership, and just being an awesome dude. Working with him, and his influence personally changed my life in ways I did not expect but will always be grateful for. Thanks Shanman”

Cameron Gallaher Founder Tribe of Titans